DMX Krew’s new album!


DMX Krew are easily one of my favourite artists of all time. At one time or other Ed DMX has covered most of my personal preferences in electronic music, from Electro Hip-Hop to retro SynthPop, from Experimental to Space Synth.

it’s been a while since we’ve had and of DMX Krew’s Pop material, recent releases have been Experimental electronic odysseys and his latest album, ‘The March To the Stars’, builds upon this while adding a touch of an electronic soundtrack vibe. At times sounding like Jean-Michel Jarre by way of Kraftwerk this is a record that can take to away with it on a robotic journey.

It’s an odd comment for a website that deals with electronic music to make, but this album is just so damn electronic!

It’s good to have DMX Krew back!

DMX Krew – Hellfire (zShare) (Sharebee)

DMX Krew – Soundmaster ’88 (zShare) (Sharebee)

‘The March To The Stars’ is our now!

DMX Krew @ Beatport

DMX Krew @ Juno

DMX Krew @ 7Digital

DMX Krew @ Amazon

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