Hooray For Earth


My initial impression of New York act Hooray For Earth was ‘Folktronica’, and while I think there is still a measure of that in the mix, after listening to the whole of their forthcoming EP I can see there is more to the band.

The EP, titled ‘Momo’ is a, generally, upbeat collection of songs that are often huge, powerful Indie-electro tunes, with an extra helping of bombast, masquerading as quaint Electro Folksy tracks. It’s a Lo-Fi sound full of buzzing analog synths and heartfelt vocals, and I think that’s what’s appealing about it, despite the epicness of some of the tracks it still sounds pretty DIY.

This track, ‘Surrounded By Friends’, will probably draw obvious comparisons to the likes of Passion Pit, but defiantly has an identity of it’s own.

Hooray For Earth – Surrounded By Your Friends (zShare) (MediaFire)

I’m still gonna’ go with Folktronica, but that’s just me being lazy!

The ‘Momo’ EP is released 1st June.

Hooray For Earth @ Amazon

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