The Vanish – Hold On


I’ve been waiting pretty excitedly for clearance to post these tracks and it has to go and happen when I’m ill doesn’t it! Better make up for lost time!

electronic rumors has been a pretty big fan and supporter of The Vanish since way back when they first crossed our radar (or at least April last year!). The original demo tracks simply blew our socks off. With one foot in Indie cool and the other on the French-House dancefloor they seem to tick every permanent marker!

It seems like it’s been an eternity waiting for these two Australian’s based in New York to get their début single out, but it’s finally here. Monday saw the release of the ‘Hold On’ single on Eye Industries, with both the Original version and the reMixes gaining a respectable amount of national radio airplay herein the UK.

So, here we can preview for you two of the reMixes from the single. First up a reMix by a man who needs no introduction, Russ Chimes, or ‘he-who-makes-the-internet-stop-when-he-drops-a-reMix’. Russ has worked his magic and delivers 100%, chopping up the vocals into an arpeggiated groove and countering that with his huge trademark retro lead synths. When it kicks back in after the drop……that’s the shit right there!

Gemini Club have a tough act to follow, but rise to the challenge admirably dropping a real smooth piano led Disco track with some nice dirty synths…and then going dirty synth apeshit at the end, Great stuff!

The Vanish – Hold On (Russ Chimes reMix) (zShare) (MediaFire)

The Vanish – Hold On (Gemini Club reMix) (zShare) (MediaFire)

I’m sticking to my guns, I may have said 2009 would be the summer of The Vanish, but now I’m definite…2010…summer of The Vanish!

Right, time to stop reading and head to one of the following musical emporiums to get yourself a nice, high quality, The Vanish single, no?

The Vanish @ Beatport

The Vanish @ Juno

The Vanish @ 7Digital

The Vanish @ Amazon

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