Bark Bark Disco


‘Bedroom Pop’ is how Bark Bark Disco describe their music‘, which is also literally how their forthcoming début album, ‘Your Mum Says Hello’, was recorded.

As you can tell from the track we have for you here, ‘Song For The Lovers’, the vibe is very lo-fi, very back to basics, just writing songs and having fun with music. Cheap drum machines, cheap synths and quirky vocals create a sound that you can’t help smiling at.

Bark Bark Disco – Song For The Lovers (zShare) (MediaFire)

The entire album can be downloaded from their official website:

Bark Bark Disco @ Official Site

2 comments on “Bark Bark Disco

  1. donwloaded the album . .. amazing stuff.. also.. it’s was for free legit from from the band!! amazing indeed

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