Site news: 2009<2010!!!


Shutting up shop for 48 hours while the new year is seen in with good friends, good music and good times!

electronic rumors hopes you all have a bangin’ new year’s eve and that you are all as exited as we are about the coming year’s electronic music. Just the first few months are going to be crazy good! Keep an eye out for albums from CHEW LiPS, Delphic, Shy Child, Marina And The Diamonds, Ellie Goulding & Goldfrapp and EPs from The Vanish, Fan Death, Russ Chimes (fingers crossed) and so many more.

As far as electronic rumors goes, there are some plans in the pipeline for 2010. Dedicated hosting, more contributors and a big ol’ site redesign are all on the cards for the coming months.

Thank you all for reading the site and sticking with us through this years downtime, If I didn’t know so many of you out there appreciate the site I might have never came back! I’m glad I did.

Keep electronic rumors bookmarked as in 2010 we will continue to bring to the very best electronic music around. Exiting stuff!

Take it easy peeps!

electronic rumors
December 2009

Oh yeah, and 2010 is the year we make contact and KITT becomes a Mustang!

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