New t.A.T.u. video.

I really like t.A.T.u….most people I know don’t.

What annoys me about that is no-one can seem to get past this whole lesbian shit, and if they did they would see t.A.T.u. have made some of the best electronic Pop music in the last decade, even before Trevor Horn’s involvement.

The lesbian controversy thing is a joke anyway. First middle England is up in arms about schoolgirl lesbians and then even more people seem to be angry that it turned out not to be true! Which I find bewildering. Guess what?; David Bowie wasn’t really Ziggy Stardust, Vincent Furnier wasn’t really Alice Cooper, hell, Matt Damon isn’t really Jason Bourne and those dudes from Lost, they aren’t really trapped on an island! Sometimes entertainers play different roles as part of their performance!

Anyway, it’s a pity people can’t get get over it. Three albums in and t.A.T.u. have consistently produced top quality, electronic, edgy, Pop music that a lot of people are missing out on.

So, on to the video. this is for the 4th single of the last album, ‘Vesyolye Ulybki’ (‘Happy Smiles’), called ‘Snegopady’ (‘Snowfalls’).

Stop worrying and go enjoy some t.A.T.u.:

t.A.T.u. @ Juno

t.A.T.u. @ 7Digital

t.A.T.u. @ Amazon

2 comments on “New t.A.T.u. video.

  1. First of all, lesbianism isn’t shit, anymore than straight people cause all the entire contemptible divorce/deadbeatdad/welfare states in the world. (Supportive or repressed environments have a lot to do with that).

    I agree that t.A.T.u. has made some of the best electronic Pop music in the last decade.

    Be sure to check out,, and for the latest info on t.A.T.u. and Yulia Volkova and Lena Katina.

    • Sigh…I’m going to presume you’re English isn’t that great ‘cos | didn’t say lesbianism was shit, I said “no-one can seem to get past this whole lesbian shit”, where “shit” was referring to the whole ‘are they, aren’t they’ media frenzy that eventually did the band a disservice by distracting from what was some fantastic music! So you’re welcome to climb down off the ol’ soap box now.
      But I think we can agree that as far as ElectroPop goes, t.A.T.u. can’t be beat!

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