Dollskabeat rising


2009 really is turning out to be the year of female fronted Electro, we’re practically spoiled for choice as the acts we’ve been watching for months breakthrough, one after another.

The latest addition, however, is no bandwagon jumper. Belarusian/Scottish Lucy Ross A.K.A Dollskabeat had got something deep and mysterious going on. The singing on her début single ‘Zodiac Rising’ flit from almost operatic to almost rapping creating a landscape of different vocal textures.

Like La Roux, in that they are both 80’s influenced ElectroPop and have unique vocal styles, but with a darkness reminiscent of The Knife and a strong likeness to early Eurythmics, Dollskabeat offers a level of maturity to this year’s ElectroPop scene.

A hypnotic, analog synth laden, invocation, ‘Zodiac Rising’ really gets under your skin.

Dollskabeat – Zodiac Rising (Vocal Mix) (zShare) (MediaFire)

Having already achieved some exposure and BBC Radio play Dollskabeat is definitely one to watch.

‘Zodiac Rising’ is released May 4th on Optimo Music, until them head on over to the Dollskabeat MySpace to check some other tracks and give Lucy some love.

Dollskabeat @ MySpace

2 comments on “Dollskabeat rising

  1. shame they don’t think a single song download is not worth the promotion. yesteryear’s thinking will get ya nowhere!

  2. @ Zoe:
    It was just a misunderstanding, Dollskabeat sent me the song for personal review and I assumed it was OK to post it.
    It’s coming out as a single soon and I don’t think Dollskabeat wants to give away the title track for free, which is fair enough really.
    A lot of artists and labels are still hesitant about using blogs as the promotional ‘tools’ they can be, which is understandable. Giving away your music is a blind leap of faith and quite a scary one for an artist who may be relying on the income they might make from record sales to live or to keep making music (I’ve been a struggling musician too!), however those artists who have embraced ‘blog hype’ have greatly benefited from it. Currently, the likes of Little Boots and La Roux would be nowhere near where they are without blog support.
    But I see how it can be daunting for an artist.
    Don’t let the lack of a download here ditract you from checking out the music, it’s really good stuff.
    The track is available to hear on their MySpace page.

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