Preston Park


Sometimes I hate MySpace, whilst it is possibly the best tool on the Internet for discovering new music you have to wade through so much shite, so much mediocre, uninspired bollocks it drives you mad.

And sometimes I love MySpace when it throws up gems like Preston Park.

With the kind of spacey, funky ElectroPop Preston makes I can’t believe he’s not signed.

Check out a couple of tracks.

Preston Park – Possible Reflection (Demo.) (zShare) (MediaFire)

Preston Park – The Thrill (Demo.) (zShare) (MediaFire)

There’s more on his MySpace

Preston Park @ MySpace

3 comments on “Preston Park

  1. this is the coolest thing ever if it wasnt for monsieur preston park nothing would function!!!
    dude you are the coolest guy ever i totally love your music!! and maybe you are not signed to a record label but just wait a little longer and i am sure many contracts will knock in your door i’ll give you my suppor and all my best luck and i am pretty sure one day ill freaking see your face on a huge billboard !!
    i believe in you your fans “us” believe in you and i am sure you’ll shine!!!
    keep in touch , keep up the good work and i know al will turn out succesfully because you have an amazing talent!!!

    stay grounded and keep doing what you do best my friend!! MUSIC !!!! 🙂

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  3. Preston Park popped into my head today, I have been searching for him, is he still around? We were Myspace “friends” way back and enjoyed his music, banter and puppy photos. Has he been found on any social media?

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