Squarepusher: free download+new EP


Warp Records are giving away a free .mp3 of  ‘Illegal Dustbin’, a new Squarepusher track from his new EP ‘Numbers Lucent’ released on 19th January on 12″/CD/Download.

You can get the free track here.

I kinda’ liked the last Squarepusher album ‘Just A Souvenir’, it was the same insane Glitch-Drum & Bass-Jazz-Experimental nonsense you should be used to with Squarepusher but seemed to have all these crazy Pop overtones.

You’ve really got to be in the mood for Squarepusher though!

If you are…

Squarepusher @ Beatport

Squarepusher @ Juno

Squarepusher @ Amazon

Or pre-order the new EP @ WarpMart or Play

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