Site news: We’re back, bitches!!!!!!


S’up Electroheads?

So, real life seems to have chilled a bit.  Sorry for the absence, work got wierd and I’ve been pretty busy with a couple of bands I’m in but electronic rumors has been neglected far too long!

Music blogging is a serious commitment (if you’re gonna’ do it right!), maybe more than I expected when I started…so no promises about regularity…I still love sharing and bigging up the music I love with whoever is willing to listen, but I’m not going to be so obsessed as I was first time round, that way if real life calls again it won’t cripple the site. I’ll aim for at least one post a day, but if I don’t make it, well, them’s the breaks!

I gotta’ say thanks to all you readers for emailing and commenting about how you miss the site, I did too,  and thanks as well for your patience and loylty.

Right, enough chat…bring on the tunes!!!

– Crash

La Roux – Bulletproof video!

Sorry for the lack of post last week guys. Things are busy IRL, this week is pretty busy too but I’ll try to post as often as I can. Next week normal service resumes!

So, La Roux have just dropped the new video for their next single ‘Bulletproof’. Check out the neon goodness!

‘Bulletproof’ is out on June 15th.

La Roux @ Beatport

La Roux @ Juno

La Roux @ 7Digital

La Roux @ Amazon

Site News: Regular columns


So, here at electronic rumors we’ve decided to introduce three regular (well, I say “regular”…I probably mean “semi-regular”…or “when I get ‘round to it”) columns.

Basically, this it to allow us to write about music that inspires us outside of the confines of the latest-promo.-releases/unsigned-band-discoveries/bleeding-edge-reMixes business that makes up the bulk of this blog (and most other music blogs).

This is what we have come up with:


The Vault

The classics of Electronic Music. The influential and the groundbreaking The pioneering and the music we grew up on…


No shit, Sherlock!

A chance to enthuse about music from the last few years that pre-dates electronic rumors, this stuff has probably already been blogged to death years ago, but we need a chance to get how much we love it off our chests. We already love it, you already know and love it…and are probably bored of it, but we’re going to blog about it anyway…


The week in Bangers

While electronic rumors isn’t strictly an Electro-House blog, we do cover a lot of Electro-House that crosses over in to our realm. So many good club tunes and reMixes surface each week we can’t (and wouldn’t) cover them all, so this is a round up of some of the best from the week that we didn’t have time to dedicate individual posts to…


Like I said, probably more semi-regular than regular but they should make for some interesting posts…I hope.

While I’m here I’d just like to thank everyone who comes and reads the site or subscribes to our RSS feed, our readership seems to be doubling every week and growing a lot faster than I had expected. Feel free to email with and comments or suggestions.

Take it easy.