[Download] Mr. MMæn’s ‘Slow Love’ (+ Silenx reMix)


Mr. Mæn

Next up of France’s amazing On The Fruit Records, who are on a bit of releasing spree right now, is the new single from Norwegian SynthWaver Mr. Mæn. It’s been quite some time since we heard new material from this guy, and the new record doesn’t disappoint, coming packed with reMixes from Silenx and Pelifics, this is Slow Love.

This one is so smooth it hurts. A super nostalgic slice of laid back, silky, synthesizer love. Phil Collin’s style keys, synth Sax, and dreamy moods come together to make up this romantic soundtrack piece. A bit of a departure from OTF’s normal dancefloor oriented releases, but a welcome addition to their catalogue, Mr. Mæn shows off his more soulful and musical side, and we love it. The ever awesome Silenx up’s the tempo a bit with his take on the tune, whipping those feather-light keys into a shoulder shaking Italo groover, loaded with plumbing bass and full fat tones. We’ve been looking forward to this release for a while, it was definitely worth the wait.

Mr. Mæn – Slow Love

♫ Mr. Mæn – Slow Love (Silenx reMix)

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[Audio] Quixotic’s ‘Palms’



The Hungarian producer of SynthWave and Disco Quixotic has impressed us a few times in the last couple of years, so it was with interest we slapped on his new single, Palms, released by Future City Records this week. The release come packed to the gills, containing the title track, two B-sides and a host of reMixes from the likes of Amazing Police, Kid Flash, Who Ha and a stormer from Mr. Mæn.

Palms itself serves up a laid back Italo Disco sound, combining a pulsating Italo bassline with piercing snyths and wicked Disco licks. It’s a six minute epic, but never overstays it’s welcome. Hypnotizing you with it’s relentless machine groove, attention spiking with chopped up vocal snatches and rolling toms, Palms carries you along in an intense, dancefloor, flow, rising and falling along the way. B-side number one, Elan, is a driving SynthWave with many faces, reminding of Kavinsky at times, Jarre at others and, weirdly, Euphoric Trace in places. It’s followed by an older tune, Apology, a fidgety SynthWave tune with Karftwerkian synths, plucked guitar and emotive vocoding riding over a old school beat. It’s this track that gets the reMix treatment, including Mr. Mæn’s modulated workout. Mæn twists the track into a factory-floor Italo Disco stomper. Melding jackhammer beats with smooth, emotional synths, Mæn creates something set for late night dancefloors. Check out the whole release, it’s worth you time.

♫ Quixotic – Palms

♫ Quixotic – Apology

♫ Quixotic – Apology (Mr. Mæn reMix)

Quixotic’s Palms is out today.

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Mr. Mæn’s ‘Just Don’t Turn It Off’


Norwegian producer of fine Synth & Disco Mr. Mæn is back with a brand new track, and this time he’s getting his SynthWave on. Mr. Mæn is showing us there’s versatility in there as well as talent.

So, keeping the faith with the current trend in SynthWave to push their Italo basslines so hard they boarder on EBM, Mæn powers ‘Just Don’t Turn It Off’ along with machine gun arpeggio basslines that are counterbalanced nicely with an almost baroque harpsichord sound that really sets the tone. a Driving, cinematic track, ‘Just Don’t Turn It Off’ hits the ground running and carries you along through and exciting, emotional, dramatic set peice. This track is all about the mounting tension, played out on vintage synths and beats. Mr. Mæn’s got the sound once more.

♫ Mr. Mæn – Just Don’t Turn It Off

Check out more from Mr. Mæn on SoundCloud.

Cinnamon Chasers reMixed by Mr. Mæn

Cinnamon Chasers

We make no secret ‘round here that Cinnamon Chasers is one of our favourite producers working today. The CC recently launched a reMix competition off the back of his last single, ‘The Day That Never Came’ and we were pretty excited when the constantly awesome Mr. Mæn dropped his entry.

The original track sees Cinnamon Chasers leaning toward an almost Electro-Rock direction with dark overtones, so Mr. Mæn pulls the track back to a mare dreamlike place. His chilled Dreamwave bringing out an ‘80’s Pop side to the gothy vocals. Mr. Mæn pulls of the perfect vibe for a more summery, sunset version of this track with great use of layered melody and soaring leads.

♫ Cinnamon Chasers – The Day That Never Came (Mr Mæn reMix)

‘The Day That Never Came’ is out now.

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Mr. Mæn’s new tune

Mr. Mæn

Norway’s Mr. Mæn is back with a brand new tune, one again proving that this guy is a dark horse, underestimated, watch out for Mr. Mæn, he’s suddenly going to be huge.

‘Handiclap’ is a smooth slice of SynthWavey Cosmic Disco that grounds you with a solid Moog Funk groove and a Disco beat, but soon sends you into orbit with some luscious retro synths and jazzy solos. There’s a little Jean-Michel Jarre in there too with it’s thick Sci-Fi atmosphere. Mr. Mæn has been quietly pushing out amazing reMixes and originals for months now, it might be time for him to step into the spotlight soon.

Mr. Mæn – Handiclap

Check out more from Mr. Mæn on SoundCloud.

T&K’s ‘The reMixes’


This week On The Fruit Records released a reMix collection featuring some awesome reworkings of ElectroPop duo T&K’s newly released album, ‘Magic Tank’.

The whole collection is well worth checking out, for me the highlights came from James Yuill, Mr. Mæn, Rocky and Freak You. Mr. Yuill’s take on ‘Little Clouds’ is an epic, rolling, ElectroPop monster. An evolving analog beast that despite being a pumping electronic floorfiller is amazingly cinematic and emotive. After an icy intro, Mr. Mæn’s version of ‘Summer Nights’ becomes a massive ‘80’s ‘moment’ track. Majestic and powerful, it’s a slow burner that rouses the soul. an old school SynthPop flavour is applied to ‘Magic Tank’ by Rocky. Like the bastard child of Yazoo and Fad Gadget, Rocky’s reMix is a weird synthesizer workout disguised as a Pop song. On The Fruit main man Freak You’s reMix of ‘Line Of Light’ is a cosmic, chiming tune with a ‘90’s SynthPop bassline and a hint of Disco that’ll definitely go down a storm on the dancefloor.

♫ T&K – Little Cloud (James Yuill reMix)

♫ T&K – Summer Night (Mr. Mæn reMix)

♫ T&K – Magic Tank (Rocky reMix)

♫ T&K – Line Of Light (Freak You reMix)

Also featuring reMixes from Canblaster, Segundo and Boston Bun, T&K’s ‘The reMixes’ is out now.

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Mr. Mæn reMixes Publicist

Mr. Mæn, who has wowed us with many of his recent reMixes, has turned his attention to Publicist’s ‘Come To My Senses’ from his recent Discotexas EP ‘Professional Show Business Pt.1′.

Mr. Mæn builds a kind of machine Funk thoroughout the track with relentless industrial sounding ethnic percussion playing nicely against the groove of the bassline and the vocoded vocals. Mæn has created a deep hypnotic peice here for you to sink into.

Publicist – Come To My Senses (Mr. Mæn reMix)

‘Professional Show Business Pt.1′ is out now on Discotexas.

Buy Publicist’s music from:

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Some Anoraak reMixes

As you probably know, French ElectroPop guru and Valerie main man Anoraak is currently running a reMix competition over on SoundCloud featuring the track ‘Crazy Eyes’.

We’ve got a couple of our favourites right here for you. Egotomb produce this amazing, electronic organ based, ElectroPop track that has a certain atmospheric quality to it that we can’t help but find compelling. Mr. Mæn, on the other hand, turns in a deep and chilled retro, almost Dreamwave, House mix with a laidback Disco bassline. It’s an almost perfect example of mid-temo House with some of the sweetest pad you’ll ever hear.

Anoraak – Crazy Eyes (Egotomb reMix)

Anoraak – Crazy Eyes (Mr. Mæn reMix)

‘Crazy Eyes’ is taken from Anoraak’s album ‘Wherever The Sun Sets’ is out now.

Anoraak @ Beatport

Anoraak @ Juno

Anoraak @ 7Digital

Anoraak @ Amazon

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