[Awards] The electronic rumors Awards 2014: BEST ALBUM – electronic rumors’ top 20 albums of 2014


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Oh, this’ll be a surprise! The Best Album list is always the one that comes easiest to us. It’s by far our favourite format for music. Delivering a musical narrative, a complete picture of an artists work, it’s more exciting to rave about your favourite LPs, as you would your favorite book or movie, rather than an individual song. You’re talking about 45+ minutes of music rather than 5.

There are some seriously, insanely, good records on this list. Like scarily good. Each one worthy of your attention, each one we could listen to over and over (in fact, we have mostly done just that this year), the top three alone constitute some of the best music released this decade.

However, the number one slot was never in question; and here’s why. You can read our particularly glowing review of Ronika’s Selectadisc here, that should tell you all you need to know about just how flipping good this record really is, and how much it means to us; but the real test for Selectadisc is that despite having got our hands on it in December 2013, and it being released in March this year. Now, days away from 2015, we’re still playing it just as much as we were back then. It stood the test of the whole year, and stiff stiff competition, and is still one of our favourite go-to albums. The fact that it came from a British, D.I.Y artist just makes the whole thing mind-blowing.

01: Ronika – Selectadisc (Record Shop)

♫ Ronika – Only Only

…and the rest of the list:

02: Tensnake – Glow (Virgin EMI Records)

♫ Tensnake (Feat. Nile Rodgers & Fiora) – Love Sublime

03: Todd Terje – It’s Album Time (Olsen)

♫ Todd Terje – Delorean Dynamite

04: Röyksopp & Robyn – Do It Again (Dog Triumph)

♫ Röyksopp & Robyn – Do It Again (Radio Rip)

05: Chromeo – White Women (Atlantic)

♫ Chromeo (Feat. Solange) – Lost On The Way Home

06: Hercules And Love Affair – The Feast Of The Broken Heart (Moshi Moshi Records)

♫ Hercules And Love Affair (Feat. John Grant) – I Try To Talk To You

07: Shook – Spectrum (Epicentre)

♫ Shook – Violet Hues

08: Mitch Murder – Interceptor (Mad Decent)

♫ Mitch Murder – Race Day

09: Mild Peril – Matter (Telefuture)

♫ Mild Peril – The Duel

10: Justin Faust – Spellbound (Discotexas)

♫ Justin Faust – Spellbound

11: Lemonade – Minus Tide (Cascine)

♫ Lemonade – Come Down Softly

12: Röyksopp – The Inevitable End (Dog Triumph)

♫ Röyksopp (Feat. Robyn) – Monument (The Inevitable End Version)

13: Queen Of HeartsCocoon (Night Moves)

♫ Queen Of Hearts – Like A Drug

14: Ali Love – P.U.M.P. (Crosstown Rebels)

♫ Ali Love – Deep Into The Night

15: Kid Machine – First Contact (Cyber Dance)

♫ Kid Machine – Forever In The Stars

16: The Juan MacLean – In A Dream (DFA)

♫ The Juan MacLean (Feat. Nancy Whang) – A Simple Design

17: Xeno & Oaklander – Par Avion (Ghostly International)

♫ Xeno & Oaklander – Interface

18: Flight Facilities Down To Earth (Future Classic)

♫ Flight Facilities (Feat. Christine Hoberg) – Clair De Lune

19: La Roux – Trouble In Paradise (Polydor)

♫ La Roux – Let Me Down Gently

20: Electric Youth – Innerworld (Secretly Canadian)

♫ Electric Youth – Innocence

As always, you should definitely pick up some of this music, it all comes highly recommended and most can be purchased here:


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