[Audio] Sharooz’s ‘Terminvs’



Terminvs is London based TurboFunk producer Sharooz’s foray into post-EBM, post-Gesaffelstein Techno. All the cool kids are doing it these days, so why not. While the tunes might not be as intoxicating and dirty Disco, it can be a lot more fun to make, if you like brapping out with synths that is. And from the sound of Terminvs, Sharooz definitely does.

Amidst the ringing, occasionally dissonant, electronic mayhem, Sharooz actually lays down an utterly infectious Teutonic groove. A 242-esque bassline and some old school House drums keep the track more than interesting, giving the track a late 80s Acid House undercurrent. If fact, if you tune out the Industrial purcussion and synth brap you’re left with quite a classic sounding warehouse jam. A tune with a surprising number of levels.

♫ Sharooz – Terminvs

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