[Audio] Luke Million reMixes Sterling Silver’s ‘Sweet Talk’


Sterling Silver

Here’s a little mid-week bounce-fest coming straight from the heart of Australia. Well, not the heart, that’s just a figure of speech, the heart would be way too hot, more lie straight from one of the edgy bits of Australia. Anyway, Luke Million, Italo-Disco player and undisclosed parts of The Swiss has gone and delivered a huge slab of vintage Boogie in the for of his new reMix for fellow Aussie (presumably also from an edgy bit) Sterling Silver.

From the opening, cinematic, analog synth warbling you know you’re in for a treat. A retro space-age workout that deftly merges the groovier qualities of Italo and 80s ElectroPop in a slick package that both loaded with nostalgia and fit for contemporary dancefloors. Razor sharp synths mix with thick stabs and the occasional vocoder drop to keep things upbeat and breezy. A proper retroPop epic, authentic as hell without being trite. The sound of yesterday, today.

♫ Sterling Silver – Sweet Talk (Luke Million reMix)

Sterling Silver’s Sweet Talk is out now, as is Luke Million’s Midnight Galaxy EP.

Buy Sterling Silver’s music from:


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