[Audio] Absolute Valentine’s ‘American Nightmares’ EP


Absolute Valentine

Just in time for Halloween, French SynthWaver Absolute Valentine has dropped a new EP of suitably eerie soundtracks and juggernaut horror grooves. Titled, American Nightmares the EP boasts more than a couple of nods to American Horror films of the 80s in it’s relentless synth basses and spine tingling leads. Be prepared for eight tracks to fill your nightmares, or liven up your Halloween parties, it’d work for either one.

The EP is packed with everything from short mood pieces to full-on dark electro masterworks. Terrordome is evocative of the whole EPs mood. Driving Italo beats and multi layered melodies, with everything just on the right side of terrifying.. The bass shakes your gut while the piercing leads set you on edge just enough. The whole thing is tempered with waves of lush chords holding an optimism within them. The EP’s title track once again mixes up creepshow synths with slamming dancefloor beats. On-the-edge-of-your-seat Electro, American Nightmares has an unnerving sense of urgency about it, like it doesn’t want to hang around, and neither should you. Growling synths are intercut with chilling harpsichord which even the irresistible beats can’t escape. Chainsaw Revenge is proper French Electro gone Halloween. Grinding leads and the hugest beat on the records meet for what is borderline a big-room epic, albeit one that will kill you once the dancing is done. Another awesome eight tunes from Absolute Valentine. John Carpenter would be proud.

♫ Absolute Valentine – Terrordrome

♫ Absolute Valentine – American Nightmares

♫ Absolute Valentine – Chainsaw Revenge

Absolute Valentine’s American Nightmares EP is out now.

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