[Audio] Disclosure’s ‘Apollo’



London duo Disclosure’s acclaimed début album, Settle, is less than six months old and they are already dropping brand new tracks. You would have thought the commercial success of Settle would have seen the guys coasting for a while, but no, they’ve been back in the studio and Apollo is the result.

There’s no vocals here, no collaboration, this a raw, undiluted Disclosure. In a way Apollo feels like Disclosure going back to their roots somewhat. There’s a definite leaning toward the dancefloor of darkened warehouses and strobe lit late night clubs that Radio 1 Roadshows. Hypnotic and ethereal, Apollo, blends a little House, a little Acid, a little Rave, a little Techno and even a little Psy Trance, into one undulating monster. Unrelentingly groovy, this really is one to loose yourself in.

♫ Disclosure – Apollo

Disclosure’s Settle is out now.

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One comment on “[Audio] Disclosure’s ‘Apollo’

  1. eeeep. everyone is so up on disclosure’s dick, it really is amazing. i dunno. i like them but i think the insane amount of hype is a bit unwarranted. flume remix was killer though, same with anything jessie ware.

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