[Audio] MegaDrive’s ‘The Gate’



It a bit early for our usual influx of Halloween inspired tunes, no doubt nearer the 31st we’ll be going into blood soaked mode again, but ahead of all that spookiness we have Dallas based SynthWaver MegaDrive’s contribution to this years festivities. A staple of the retro synth scene for the past year or so, MegaDrive has come to be known as a name delivering quality electronic epics.

MegaDrive’s Halloween offering is titled The Gate, this is horror SynthWave at it’s finest. With the obligatory 80s horror movie sample (in this case from the trailer for 1987’s titular The Gate), growling arpeggios and knife sharp leads, MegaDrive instils this slice of movie nostalgia with an air of tension, building the track with swirling leads, ominous tones and even a little harpsichord to keep the vibe going, until it reaches it’s finale and multi layered horrorshow synth climax. Excellent work from MegaDrive, put this on the back burner until the end of the month.

♫ MegaDrive – The Gate

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