[MP3] Strangers’ ‘Fires’



OK, so, where are we now? It’s October already? How time flies. So that’s only three more months of free tracks from London SynthPop heroes Strangers before X-mas. We’d better crack on with October’s then. It’s called Fires, as usual you can download it from Strangers’ website, and it’s very autumnal.

How is it autumnal? Well, it’s hard to put your finger on what it is, but it’s kinda’ melancholy, and kinda’ crunchy too. That’s autumn, right? Easing you in with some brooding piano and shuffling purcussion, Strangers soon pull out all the stops to deliver a rousing SynthPop beast that seems to rise and rise in it’s dramatic structure. The now familiar elements of Strangers Industrial rhythms, cinematic instrumentation and unusually infectious groove are all present and correct, but seem to get slicker and slicker with each release. I’ve just realised there’s is easily an albums worth of Strangers material out there now, so I’m off to make a pretend Strangers album.

Strangers – Fires

Strangers’ Fires is available for download now.

Buy Strangers’ music from:

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