[MP3] Touch Tone reMixes Dive In’s ‘Let Go’


Dive In

Here’s the latest dollop of sunkissed synth Disco from our Robo-Boogie overlord Touch Tone. This time the funkster has turned his attention to quaint Glastonbury based rockers Dive In’s recent single Let Go, a gangly affair in the vein of major label summer IndiePop ‘hits’ that’s given a warm and pulsating treatment from Andrew that slowly build layers of toasty synths.

Stating off gently, with a moody kick and lush pads, every few bars Touch Tone introduces a new element to the mix until you head is nodding along to a Piano House tinged Dreamwave monster. Really, despite the bouncy piano line that admittedly does get stuck in your head, this one’s all about those sweeping pads and little arpeggiated melodies that make up the tunes ambient soundtrack, it’s a pure carefree sunshine concoction that lends it’s laid back vibe to the rest of the song, smoothing everything out.

Dive In – Let Go (Touch Tone reMix)

Dive In’s Let Go is out now.

Buy Dive In’s music from:


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