[Audio] Crayon reMixes Is Tropical’s ‘Lover’s Cave’


Is Tropical

This week saw the release of the new single from Kitsuné Music dance-rockers Is Tropical and sat amongst the reMixes is this shining star from one of our favourite producers, ex-Le Crayon, now just Crayon. The track, Lover’s Cave boasts a whole host of sweet reMixes from the likes of the amazing tesla Boy, Dombrace K-X-P and Jonjo Jury, but we think Crayon’s just takes the prize.

You’ll realise why this reMix is our pick of the release the second that warm, thick, 80s synth funk bassline kicks in. It’s pure Boogie, who’s Boogieness is only compounded by the rolling modulated synths and spaced-out delayed vocals snatches. It’s an utterly compelling track, revelling in nostalgia and vintage groove, but with both feet planted firmly in the present. Play out all this over a poppin’ B-Boy beat and Crayon has done it again. Frankly, this reMix is far too good for the mediocre original.

♫ Is Tropical – Lover’s Cave (Crayon reMix)

Is Tropical’s Lover’s Cave is out now.

Buy Is Tropical’s music from:


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