[MP3] Touch Tone reMixes Xylos’ ‘Summerlong’



Master of the LA Robo-Boogie Touch Tone is back with a brand new track in the form of this slick reMix. The subject of Touch Tone’s machinations this time is Brooklyn based bombastic Indie-ElectroPoppers Xylos and their breezy tune Summerlong.

Eschewing the raucous synths and wall-of-sound guitars of the original for something a little more poolside, Touch Tone whips up a pulsating summery Disco House tune to bounce you into the weekend. Folding in a little Tropical shimmy, a little Chicago warehouse vibe in the bassline department and a jump-up piano hook that straddles the line between House and Indie Touch Tone serves up an infectious daytime jam that you can’t help but move to. So just keep moving, you know you want to.

♫ Xylos – Summerlong (Touch Tone reMix)

Xylos’ Summerlong is out now.

Buy Xylos’ music from:


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