[Audio] Queen Of Hearts’ ‘Secret’


Queen Of Hearts

Y’know, we were just wondering the other day when we’d next be treated to a taste of Queen Of Hearts’ forthcoming new album, and here we are. Once again Devil’s Gun takes up the production reins on Secret, due out next month, and the two of them deliver exactly what we’ve been waiting for. I guess this one song will have to tide us over until the LP drops.

Secret is amongst the Poppiest of Queen Of Hearts’ work, and that probably quite an odd thing to say about a Pop artist but a bulk of the Queen’s tunes (like all the best Pop music) has had a certain melancholy to it, whereas Secret is pure summertime vibes. Devil’s Gun turn things up to 11 with big beats, chainsaw synths and a nice use of The Art Of Noise style sampling, but it really is Queen Of Hearts who steals the show here, bringing a pitch perfect Pop chorus that dominates the tune and’ll be stuck in your head for the rest of the day. Album now please.

♫ Queen Of Hearts – Secret (Radio Edit) (Produced By Devil’s Gun)

Queen Of Hearts’ Secret is released 9th September.

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