[MP3] Oliver reMixes Bonnie McKee’s ‘American Girl’


Bonnie McKee

LA based Oliver themed Nu-Disco duo Oliver go especially large with their latest reMix. Inhabiting a mid-way point between their older smoother Dreamwave Nu-Disco style and some of their more recent, more commercial Electro-House output, this reMix of upcoming American Pop singer Bonnie McKee’s ‘American Girl’ could see the guys getting some major attention.

Imagine someone walked up to you and said “here is a catchy, sing-a-long Pop tune that has been reMixed for the big room”, that’s exactly what Oliver have delivered here. Everything is turned up to 11, big synths, big beats, big riffs. This one obviously been geared to appeal to America’s current wave of dance music frenzy, but still retains that classic Oliver ,musicality and soulful flare to give it the edge on the competition.

Bonnie McKee – American Girl (Oliver reMix)

Bonnie McKee’s American Girl is out now.

Buy Bonnie McKee’s music from:


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