[Audio] Crayon’s ‘Give You Up’



The latest EP coming out of Yuksek’s Partyfine label comes from French producer Crayon, which is just confusing. So, we get that he appears to now have properly dropped the ‘Le’ from his name (as in, no longer ‘Le Crayon’), but I think they forgot to tell loads of people because this very new release is still listed in some stores (hello, Juno!) as being by. Le Crayon. If we were Crayons management we would have very much advised against the name change, it’s becoming a bit of a mess, but we guess he had his reasons and they are his own.

Anyway, on to the EP. So, we’ve got two luscious House tunes by the names of Downgraders and To The Moon, both decadently deep and both all too short along side the EP’s main even, Give You Up. Featuring Australian singer, Chookie Music’s awesome KLP lending a swoosh of 80s Electronic Soul vocal stylings, Give You Up is a blissful slice of Disco tinged retro Pop. With a rolling synth bassline and shimmering keys flowing onto, Give You Up, calls to mind the charts of ‘86/’87 and that breezy Pop R&B vibe (before R&B got into an abusive relationship with Hip Hop). Catchy as hell, there no way you can’t love this tune. The EP also crams in two fine reMixes from Yuksek himself, and reMixes from Blende and Darius, A flavour of Disco for every occasion.

♫ Crayon (Feat. KLP) – Give You UP

Crayon’s Give You Up is out now.

Buy Crayon’s music from:


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