[Audio] Annie’s ‘Invisible’



It’s another new track from Annie and Richard X’s forthcoming A&R EP. Following Back Together and Hold On this right here is the third taste of what to expect we’ve had so far. It;s also the hardest, and darkest entry in the EP so far, and the most in-your-face early 90s too. The track’s called Invisible, but it’s aggressive dancefloor stylings are anything but.

Right from the offset, Invisible is full-on Acid Rave. Breakbeat style TR-909 drum patterns, twisted TB-303 riffs, distorted Rave organs, this is pure white glove warehouse material. Add to this Annie offering a husky, deadpan vocal delivery, at times pitched down to gender bending extremes, and you have a track that captures the excitement of the early Rave culture whist still serving up something that Annie makes her own. So looking forward to this EP.

♫ Annie – Invisible

Annie’s The A&R EP is out soon.

Buy Annie’s music from:

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