[MP3] Mereki’s ‘Blue Lake’



We first featured LA songstress Mereki’s Blue Lake back in November last year, when it was still in it’s demo form. The voice of Miami Horror drummer Aaron Shanahan’s Good Night Keaton‘s Next To Mexico and Goldroom’s Only You Can Show Me, not to mention the voice of Goldroom live and Josh’s long-serving touring partner, looks set to be generating quite a bit of interest with her solo offerings.

We’re not going to repeat ourselves too much about the track, you can read our initial thoughts here, suffice to say Blue Lake is a majestic slice of sing-a-long summery ElectroPop that brings to mind the excitement of those first Ellie Goulding tracks, before she got bland. This final version of the track sounds a lot tighter, the drums are a bit beefed up and the synths a little more powerful. Also, the addition of a wailing guitar solo came as a bit of a surprise, not sure how needed it was really, but there it is. Mereki is definitely one you should be watching.

Mereki – Blue Lake

Mereki’s début EP is due out soon.

Check out more from Mereki on SoundCloud.

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