[MP3] Bestrack’s new, free, album



Rad Parisian Disco producer Bestrack has just dropped a whole albums worth of tunes for free. The dude dropped some top reMixes recently but it sounds like he’s been saving the good stuff for this collection of original tunes. And what a collection it is! We would seriously pay money for this record, and it would be one of our top buys that months. Prepare for eight tracks of some of the best Electro-Disco around.

Workout 2000 is the title of the album (Bestrack calls it an EP, but c’mon, eight tracks? Far to generous) and it definitely is a workout. From the very start of the release, the opening bars of In Your Eyes it’s all high-octane dirty Disco. Cut-up funky shit supreme the opener is an almost perfect example of soaring peak-time Disco-House that immediately hooks you into the album, screaming solo and all. Don’t Quit brings a big retro feel to proceedings, with some massive nostalgic DiscoPop, that doesn’t quit for the whole record. This collection of track strikes just the right balance between 80s Pop, Nu-Disco and tough Electro. From the grinding dystopian SynthWave of Jaguar to the hi-energy EuroDisco of Stamina the album covers a myriad of styles, all tried together with Bestrack’s slick groove. The title track is definitely a highlight, bringing together Bestrack’s cinematic SynthWave side with a driving Italo feel and heaps of Disco swing. Summing up the album with it’s huge vintage chords and twisted vocal samples, Workout 2000 is a great ambassador for the whole release. This album would come highly recommended if it cost money, at this price it’s essential.

Bestrack – In Your Eyes

Bestrack – Workout 2000

Bestrack – Don’t Quit

You can download the whole of Bestrack’s Workout 2000 here.

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