[Audio] The Other Tribe’s ‘Your Kisses’



This is Your Kisses, a track that will be available exclusively with pre-orders of Bristol’s finest Indie-Electro rabble rousers The Other Tribe’s forthcoming new single My Girl. A soulful House track, this could have been a single in it’s own right, but who can turn down a freebie?

Nicely mixing up The Other Tribes’ infectious tribal EelctroPop with a slick deep House groove, Your Kisses is a perfect late night jam. There’s even a hint of a Torpical vibe in there too, which gives it a nice summery feel. Not that anything The Other Tribe turn their attention to doesn’t turn out summery as hell. If you get the chance to catch these guys live during the warmer months, you’d be a fool not to.

♫ The Other Tribe – Your Kisses

The Other Tribe’s My Girl is out soon.

Buy The Other Tribe’s music from:

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