[MP3] Aimes’ ‘Keep On Movin’’



Here’s the new one from Brooklyn synth head Aimes who, with Keep On Movin’, have taken on a new laid back House vibe to his music. We last heard from Aimes earlier in the year with his Beautiful Decay reMix EP that bounced off of last year’s original release. It looks like the producer wants to set us up for the summer with his new material.

Keep On Movin’ is a perfect slice of lazy electronica, the kind of tune you want soundtracking hazy summer days spent with friends. Sleek and soulful, it gives away Aimes’ Chillwave roots with waves of lush synths and warm tones that wash the track in a comfortable glow. Contrasting this is a solid House beat and a bassline with just a touch of Disco funk and a hint of Tropical dreaminess. We guarantee, this is one slice of sunshine bliss you won’t want to miss.

Aimes – Keep On Movin’

Aimes’ Keep On Movin’ is out now.

Buy Aimes’ music from:

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