[Audio] Worship’s new EP



Out this week on ‘the ever-awesome Holographic People’ is the long awaited new EP from Swiss SynthWaver Worship. His first release since last September’s Horizon reMixes, this new EP represents a new batch of original tunes, which is what we want from Worship really. So expect a ton of cosmic, otherworldly, synth boogie journeys and Worship guides us through the whopping seven tracks of his new release.

The Close Encounter EP begins it’s mighty quest with the track of the same name, an arpeggio fuelled modern Italo tune that really launches the EP with a full-on energy vibe. Bright sounds and a groove that takes us back to the resurgence of melodic Electro a few years ago, Close Encounter really sets up the EP. Island Disco sounds infiltrate the EP on the following track, Alpha Centauri, working the rhythm alongside lush Tropical sounds. Orion Forever is a reworking of last years Forever Orion with added big buzzy synths and a tempo supercharge. Definitely one of the EPs highlights with a really infectious groove. First Light gives the EP a smooth, laid back SynthWave mid-point before launching into Last Words, a rich, melodic, excursion into fantastical synthetic places. A place where music for your mind, and music for your feet, meet and you get lost in the swirl of synths. The EP rounds out with the pretty standard Nu-Disco Odyssey and a Cosmic Disco workout of Orion Forever from Auxiliary Tha Masterfader. Close Encounter is a release loaded with space-age Disco sound, and one could do a lot worst than pick up.

♫ Worship – Last Words

♫ Worship – Orion Forever

♫ Worship – Close Encounter

Worship’s Close Encounter EP is out this week. Alongside the digital release, the EP is also available on a strictly limited edition cassette which you can pick up here.

Buy Worship’s music from:


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