[MP3] Ali Jamieson mashes-up M83 Vs. Koo Dé Tah


Ali Jamieson

We wouldn’t normally feature mashups and whatnot. It opens the floodgates to a whole tidal wave of shite that we don;t really want on the site. However, we are just going to leave this one here for you, because it;s so infectious you’ll probably be needing it for the coming holiday weekend.

Heavy Disco bass man Ali Jamieson has thrown together M83’s Oblivion with Tina Cross’ Koo Dé Tah’s Body Talk to funky effect. Having the spark of inspiration in-between assisting in the recording of an acoustic cover of Oblivion and making a mental link to FM Attacks’ Yesterday, which, as you know, is practically an edit of Body Talk, Jaimeson excised the track from his mind to your speakers with this free download. There’s a lot to enjoy here, if you know both the track you know what you’re getting with a little Ali Jaimeson Heavy Disco flair. Welcome to your weekend.

M83 Vs. Koo Dé Tah – Oblivion/Body Talk (Ali Jamieson Bootleg)

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