[Audio] Sferro’s new EP



One of the many highlights of this musical week has been the release of the new EP from Girlfriend Records main man, Sferro. Not only has he released a beautiful five tracks of synth gold, but he’s also placed his fate in your hands with a pay-what-you-like price for the EP. I suppose, if you were a genuinely terrible person, that could mean you could pick it up for free, but we suggest slipping a few buck in the direction of someone pouring their digital heart out is the least you could do. No judgement. Or a lot of judgement. Whatever.

Wetware Computer is the name of the EP, which is all very William Gibson (there’s even a track called the tried and tested High Tech Low Life), a theme which carries over into the music. Four tacks (and a reMix) which deliver on the promise of soundtracking a dystopian, urban, dark future and a technological singularity. Autonomous Robot kicks off the EP, a steady and majestic introduction. An undulating synthetic chorus set to a machine beat that leads into the slightly more human Intelligent Systems. Intelligent Systems brings a little Boogie to this cold, cyborg collection, warming up proceedings with a laid back synth Funk bass and infectious hook. Wetware Computer follows, eschewing the dancefloor in favour of providing a haunting musical interlude. Sounding a little like 80s UK Sci-Fi TV themes (which is a compliment BTW) Wetware Computer layers, thick, rich and piercing sounds to create an intriguing, emotionally resonant, package of intertwining melodies. The aforementioned High tech Low Life comes next, and fittingly sounds a little like late 80s EBM, all steady pounding rhythms and buzzing synths. This is tempered with a hypnotic, shining melody that acts as a nice counterbalance. The EP rounds off with a reMix of Autonomous Robot by French SynthWaver Tommy, who turns in a galactic oddessy of a tune with some really interesting use of instrumentation and a full, encompassing, sound. We should make not of the fact that a few of the tracks on the EP are followed by reveres snippets of something or other. Honestly, we haven’t had the time to load them up in an audio editor and play them backward, but I’m sure they’ll turn out to be a ‘thing’. I guess we’ll have to wait an see, in the meantime go and check out this quality EP.

♫ Sferro – Autonomous Robot

♫ Sferro – Intelligent Systems

♫ Sferro – Autonomous Robot (Tommy reMix)

You can pick up a copy of Sferro’s Wetware Computer EP here.

Buy Sferro’s music from:


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