[Audio] Soft Metals’ ‘Tell Me’


Soft Metals

Tell Me is our first hint of LA SynthPop/Minimal Synth duo Soft Metals’ long awaited sophomore album. The new full length LP, titled Lenses, follows the bands acclaimed 2011 self titled record and is set to drop in June. Tell Me gives us just a little taste of what to expect from Lenses.

It’s a track that is severely whetting out appetites. Hypnotic bests, robotic apreggios, metallic chords, all tempered with Patricia’s gentle, haunting vocal. Delivering an almost classic Italo groove, with just a hint of the kind of cosmic vibe you’d expect from Sci-Fi Italo, the ice cold electronics work together to produce something that is far warmer than the sum of it’s parts suggest, far funkier too. By the time the big vintage keys kick-in you can;t help but be drawn back into Soft Metals world. It’s a welcome return that has us eagerly awaiting the album.

♫ Soft Metals – Tell Me

Soft Metals’ Lenses is due to be released 16th June via Captured Tracks.

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