[MP3] Figure Of 8 covers Joy Division



OK, so we know Figure Of 8 has been in Game Of Thrones, so obviously he’s got some experience with battles and weapons and all kinds of ‘deeds’, but jeeez, nothing prepared us for the kind of bravery it takes to go near Joy Division’s Love Will Tear Us Apart. That takes big brass balls. Many before him have tried and failed. When you play the game of covering-Joy-Division’s-most-recognisable-song-and-a-beloved-classic, you win or you die.

So don’t expect classic riffs and sing-a-long moments here. Figure Of 8 wisely stays away from trying to ape the original. Instead we are treated to more of a homage, a deep, Acid tinged House tune. Haunting and hypnotic, this one draws you into it’s strobe light groove threatening to keep you on the edge of it’s hook forever until finally breaking out with some warm pads and pinprick snyths. As the ♥ Will Tear Us Apart marches toward it’s finale, layers of sound wash over the track pushing it toward it’s euphoric high point. Figure Of 8 has this uncanny knack of making classic, almost timeless, sounding Dance music, and once again he’s delivered the goods.

♫ Figure Of 8 – ♥ Will Tear Us Apart

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