[Audio] L’Equipe Du Son’s ‘Transmissions’


L’Equipe Du Son

It’s been about a year since the release of Dutch SynthWave and Nu-disco producer L’Equipe Du Son released his début album, Supersonic. We’ve been writing about this guy for a while now and eagerly awaiting his second full length offering. Transmissions, his sophomore record sees L’Equipe Du Son taking a slightly harder route, injecting his laid back Boogie with some tough Electro elements and influences as wide ranging as Acid and House.

There’s nothing on Transmissions as overtly retro as Playground Rebels, instead we find fifteen tracks of synthesizer Funk with gritty dancefloor edge. The album is interspersed with skits and interludes that create a nice cohesion to the collection, but from the first proper track, Transmission 1 Le Rocker, with it’s cut-up Disco and grinding synth leads you get a sense of what you’re in for. Taking the rough Dirty Disco leads to an Acidic extreme whist keeping a huge French Touch groove going. This is swiftly followed by Supermarche, wich sees L’Equipe Du Son’s SynthWave roots shine though with warbling basslines, stabbing vintage chords and electro tom rolls. L’Equipe Du Son the proceeds to hit you with all the colours of the dance music rainbow. C’Est L’Equipe Son! is fairly standard Nu-disco, Beauty Is The Light delivers full-on Chicago House and Lesson 2 swings back to an explicit filtered house groove. But it’s when L’Equipe Du Son strays from the standard Disco path that this album rally shines. Little Maniacs is a gruff Disco tune with more than a spoonful of Industrial Techno while Love Connection is the albums concession to pure SynthWave, a rolling synthesizer epic, providing the album with some much needed soloing. The album closes on Transmission 2 Snowballing and Falling Down, two tracks that send off the record by returning it to it’s hard hitting beginnings as the synths get turned up to eleven for the finale. Transmissions is a solid release, a bit of a departure from the urban Boogie of Supersonic maybe, but storming enough for any dancefloor.

♫ L’Equipe Du Son – Supermarche

♫ L’Equipe Du Son – Little Maniacs

♫ L’Equipe Du Son – Transmission 1 Le Rocker

♫ L’Equipe Du Son – Love Connection

L’Equipe Du Son Transmissions is released this week on Silhouette Music.

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