[MP3] The Other Tribe’s ‘We Should Be Dancing’


The Other Tribe

No, not Bee Gee’s You Should Be Dancing. This is the new single from Bristolian noiseniks The Other Tribe. The crew are giving the single away for free, although I’m sure we’ll get some a reMix package in the future, in order to bring a little of their sunshiny, festival, vibe into our grey winter.

Exemplifying the Other Tribe’s trademark mix of big ElectroPop and Tribal House, We Should Be Dancing serves up a platter of sunshine fun riding on a particularly Depeche Mode bassline. The percussion, as always is a big driving force in this track, and what makes The Other Tribe so good live, and the track is a big more hazy than the anthemic Skirts. With a slight Disco groove, this is one for summer evenings with friends.

The Other Tribe – We Should Be Dancing

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