[MP3] Oxford reMixes Felix Da Housecat & Miss Kittin

Felix Da Housecat

reMixing Felix Da Housecat and Miss Kittin’s ElectroClash classic Silver Screen (Shower Scene) is not for the faint hearted. The track springs to mind as an untouchable piece of electronic music legend. But things have moved on, and maybe it is time for someone to bring Silver Screen along with it. We’re grateful that that someone was French Nu-Disco producer Oxford, who has treated the track with the respect it deserves, but dropped a completely original five minutes of captivating Disco too.

Kitten’s deadpan vocals remain, but this time around they are riding on the sweetest of Beach Funk grooves. Perfectly produced, Oxford words every last drop of groove he’s got to deliver a rolling bassline, sweeping synths and and a laid back beat, all nicely tied together with some smooth electric piano. If asked, we would have probably advised against trying to reMix Silver Screen, but we would have been astoundingly glad Oxford didn’t heed our nonsense.

Felix Da Housecat (Feat. Miss Kittin) – Silver Screen (Shower Scene) (Oxford reMix)

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