[Audio] Billie Ray Martin covers Cabaret Voltaire

Billie Ray Martin_ On Borrowed Time

Back in January 2010 we wrote about Billie Ray Martin’s Cabaret Voltaire cover versions, which was pretty exciting for us as we’re big Billie Ray fans, and The Cabs are one of our favourite acts of all time, and have been for as long as we can remember. Now the whole collection of reMixes of Billie’s versions of Crackdown and Just Fascination, two of our very favourite Cabs songs, are being released under the title The Crackdown Project. Out next month on digital and deluxe double CD digipack, The Crackdown Project: Volumes 1 & 2 ropes in a whole heap of top electronic talent for an amazing tribute.

Crackdown itself sees Billie Ray teaming up with Berlin Tech-House duo Märtini Brös and none other than the voice of Cabaret Voltaire, Stephen Mallinder. Deep synth Disco with powerful vocals is the result. Billie’s smokey vocals pierce through deep, robotic, soundtrack as if curling out from the corner of a dimly lit Berlin nightclub. Pairing Ms. Martin’s soulful voice with Mallinder’s instantly recognisable hushed drawl is a genius move. The two styles are amazingly complimentary and seem to weave in and out of the pulsating electronic backing. Just Fascination turns up the groove a little. Nang recording artist Lusty Zanzibar contributes to their track resulting in a little 80s Boogie working it’s way into the tune. The more dancefloor oriented of the two, Just Fascination is a stomping synth march that allows Bille Ray to really let loose with her massive vocal. reMixes in the package are supplied by, amongst others, Oicho, Celebrity Murder Party, Copycat, Divide and Create, Dunproofin, Flying White Dots, Phil RetroSpector and Year Zero. That’s quite a line up, and an awesome release.

♫ Billie Ray Martin (Feat. Stephen Mallinder And Märtini Brös) – Crackdown (Cabaret Voltaire Cover) (Original Version)

♫ Billie Ray Martin (Feat. Lusty Zanzibar) – Just Fascination (Cabaret Voltaire Cover) (Original Version)

Billie Ray Martin’s The Crackdown Project: Volumes 1 & 2 is released 25th March in Europe and 26th March in the US.

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