[Audio] Ajello’s ‘Kalimba Tune’


Out at the end if this month on Ruben & Ra’s Retrospective imprint is an ecclectic slice of Disco and House in the form of the Kalimba Tune single, the latest offering from DJ Rocca and Fabrizio Taver Tavernelli’s Ajello project. If you’re looking for something a little different to get your butt shaking, then you may have come to the right place, the Kalimba Tune serves up a fresh, ethnic instrument driven, take on Disco-House.

Kalimba Tune itself, the single’s lead track, is a big ol’ melting bot, into which Ajello a little late 80s Acid House, a little Cosmic Disco, a hint of Italo and mixes it all up with some smooth Tropical sounds as a garnish. The the whole affair is given a world Music feel with some beautiful (apparently) Sub-Saharan thumb piano. This track could be huge over the summer on the festival circuit, it’s got just the right left-field Disco attitude. The B-side, Saturday Morning, is a warping, cheeky, slice of Cosmic Disco with a bit of a Scandinavian feel. An analog synth workout, Ajello drop what sounds like a live Disco jam. you can just imagine them rocking around banks of wooden ended analog snyths, slipping bubbling LFO’ed sounds in and out of the track. Of course, amongst the single myriad reMixes comes a groovy little tune from Ruben & Ra themselves. The duo’s Cosmic Jam  version of Kalimba Tune turns the tune into a late night, laid back track for strictly the sexiest of dancefloors, loaded with added House piano and what sounds like added Q-Tip. Intelligent Disco at it’s finest.

♫ Ajello – Kalimba Tune

♫ Ajello – Saturday Morning

♫ Ajello – Saturday Morning (Ruben & Ra’s Cosmic Jam)

Ajello’s Kalimba Tune is released 25th February on 12” with the digital release following in March. it’ll feature reMixes from Hardway Bros, Chris Massey and Verdo too.

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