[MP3] Moustache Machine reMixes Madonna

MADONNA, 1984: This exclusive photo-session with Madonna was made exactly 20 years ago in a photo-studio in Amsterdam. Her record company in Holland telephoned Dutch photographer Kees Tabak and asked him if he would like to photograph a new, totally-unknown singer called Madonna. Luckily he said yes. She brought along two dancers with her. The male dancer is her brother.  Shortly after this session Madonna became a world-known superstar.  **  USA & UK ONLY ** HIGHER RATES APPLY ** © Kees Tabak /  Sunshine / Retna UK

With Classixx’s awesome reMix of Madonna’s Lucky Star nearly two years old now, it’s the perfect time for some fresh blood on the Lucky Star scene. It’s the prefect track for a Disco update, and stepping up for the challenge is French producer Moustache Machine.

The tracks got all the elements for a massive Italo-Disco workout, pumping synth bass, bright keys, evil little Disco licks and Madge’s big vocal. Moustache Machine handles these elements with ease, reworking them into his own version of dancefloor gold. With just the right amount of added driving synth goodness, and the occasional B-Boy breakdown, this is easily one of the best reMixes of this track we’ve heard.

Madonna – Lucky Star (Moustache Machine reMix)

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