[Audio] FM Attack and Sferro reMix Frankfurt Express

Frankfurt Express

Frankfurt Express are a French retro ElectroPop duo, featuring singer Yota, a name you might recognise from gracing from a handful of awesome Nu-Disco records, who are about to release their new single. the track, Frankfurt Express is a lush, warm slice of quirky, Kraftwerk flavoured, SynthPop. the singe boasts reMixes from the mighty Lifelike (who also co-produced the single), and these two rad cuts from SynthWavers FM Attack and Sferro.

FM Attack’s take on Wake Up, is a surprisingly gothic twist on Italo influenced SynthWave, with vocal samples morphed into a haunting choir and reverb drenched guitar licks amidst the dance beats and squelchy bassline. this all works brilliantly with the vocal, creating a weird, but excellent, dark DiscoPop hybrid. Girlfriend Records head honcho Sferro turns in a woozy DreamPop version of the track. Loaded with dreamlike synths phasing in and out of the track and magical melodies. With razor sharp synth cutting through the track, Sferro’s mix grabs your attention whilst lulling you into a hypnotic state. An amazing single package from the guys.

♫ Frankfurt Express – Wake Up (FM Attack reMix)

♫ Frankfurt Express – Wake Up (Sferro reMix)

Frankfurt Express’ Wake Up is released 15th February, but is available now on Juno.

Buy Frankfurt Express’ music from:


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