[MP3] Pelifics reMixes Liebe


Amazing Swedish SynthWave producer Pelifics has dropped this new reMix of Greek duo Liebe’s Strangers. The track is part of Leibe’s Somewhere In Time album and has just got the single treatment with a release last week. Pelifics is the prefect guy to give it a lush retroPop sheen.

The reMix hits all the right notes for a huge chunk of Boogie with a bouncy 80s bassline and vintage drum machine beat. It swaps the original ElectroPop’s tune Piano House flavour for a deeper, nostalgic vibe. Vocoders and cowbells round out the mix, and there even some of our beloved orchestral hits in the mix if you listen carefully. Pelifics turns a big slice of ElectroPop into an even bigger slice of evocative period Pop.

Liebe – Strangers (Pelifics reMix)

Liebe’s Strangers is out now.

Buy Liebe’s music from:


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