[Audio] Lifelike reMixes Alan Braxe & The Spimes


French Touch legend Alan Braxe is back and kicking off 2013 with a brand new single, not on his own Vulture Music imprint, but on the ever hip Scion Audio/Visual. Not only that, but the entire release is free too!

Once More Chance is a collaboration between Braxe and fellow Frenchmen The Spimes (what old school Kitsuné dude Romuald is doing now), and it’s not necessarily what you’d expect from the Nu-Disco pioneer. Slow and atmospheric, One More chance seems to share more common DNA with Chillwave that Braxe’s previous floorfillers. Don’t let that put you off though, it’s a beautiful, enveloping track that echoes with big reverby drums, swirling synths and Romuald hazy vocals. Oh, and there’s a Lifelike remix too. Boom. This sounds more like that track you were probably expecting. Gritty French Electro bass, and buzzsaw synths amidst a pounding beat. We could have probably done with a tiny bit less of the record flutter effect though, which gets a little tedious after three minutes. Still, you can’t say no to a rockin’ Lifelike reMix.

♫ Alan Braxe (With The Spimes) – One More Chance (Lifelike reMix)

♫ Alan Braxe (With The Spimes) – One More Chance

Alan Braxe (With The Spimes)’s One More Chance is free to download right here and also features a reMix from Memory Tapes.

Buy Alan Braxe’s music from:


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