[Audio] Casio Social Club reMixes Phonetica Vs. Soulemotion


Are you ready for an Acid disco oddessy? ‘cos that’s what’s being served up right now in the form of this fresh new reMix from Mullet Records main man Casio Social Club. Latvian collaboration Phonetica Vs. Soulemotion are the targets for this blissful, intoxicating, synth workout.

Bringing a little Balearic feeling to proceedings, Casio Social Club whips up a hypnotic Acid riff, which he works into a groovy backing. His reMix of Impossible Love is hard to resist. Full of lush synths and haunting reverby piano, that both play nicely against the undulating Acid hook, this reMix really is one to loose yourself in, and when it finished you find yourself missing it. Its mind control we tells ya!

♫ Phonetica Vs. Soulemotion – Impossible Love (Casio Social Club ‘Acid Sunrise’ reMix)

Phonetica Vs. Soulemotion’s Impossible Love is released 4th February.

Check out more from Soulemotion on SoundCloud.

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