Debbie Tebbs’ ‘Stage Fright’

Debbie Tebbs

Stage Fright is the new single from Debbie Tebbs, just released on Cliché Musique. Apparently Debbie is something of a legend in her native Quebec, DJing for the last 15 years and winning the Montreal DJ Awards’ Female DJ Of The Year in 2009. These days though she has eschewed the decks in favour of her voice & a piano and her recent album Modern Talking, from which Stage Fright comes.

The track is a big slice of power ElectroPop which draws on a big chunk of Electro-House for it;s backing. If face, it;s hard to tell whether this is surprisingly vocal Electro-House or really Electro-Housy ElectroPop, either way you get the idea. Heavily effected vocals play out a catchy chorus over buzzsaw synths and a kicking beat with all the nouse of an experienced dancefloor mover.  The reMixes are a bit hit and miss. The standouts are Mattanoll’s French SynthPop-esque reMix, which has a bit of a Yuksek feel to it, and Debbie’s own noise Electro reMix. the other mixes are a bit mediocre dance-by-numbers, but that doesn’t distract for the good track on offer here.

♫ Debbie Tebbs – Stage Fright

♫ Debbie Tebbs – Stage Fright (Mattanoll reMix)

♫ Debbie Tebbs – Stage Fright (Debbie Tebbs reMix)

Debbie Tebbs’ Stage Fright is out now.

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