Picture Book’s new EP

Picture Book

At the start of this year London based duo Picture Book released their début single, Sunshine, which we grew quite fond of, especially the storming Justin Faust reMix. It’s a track that could have been a lot bigger than it was. Well, now it;s time for round two as Picture book have just released their second offering. A four track EP titled Songs About Aimee.

In My Head is the EPs standout track. Of the four originals present it;s the one that sticks with you the most. Skilfully mixing fluffy commercial dance music with shiny Pop, Picture Book deliver a clean, sharp track that is as dancey as it is catchy. With am impassioned chorus and a Balearic building backing In My Head is slick Dance Pop done right. Being In Love (For The First Time) is the EP’s opener, and sets up the proceedings quite well with it’s piercing lead line set against bassy post-Euphoric Trance Ibiza electronics and a soulful vocal. Elsewhere in the EP you’ll find the deeper Why Are We Wasting Our Time and the chilled sunrise tune of Nothing Wrong With Goodbye. After grabbing out attention with Sunshine, Picture Book have proved it wasn’t a fluke.

♫ Picture Book – In My Head

♫ Picture Book – Being In Love (For The First Time)

Picture Book’s Songs About Aimee EP is out now.

Buy Picture Book’s music from:

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