NV’s ‘Alright’ edited by Slow It Down & Elijah Collins

Elijah Collins

One of out favourite purveyors of Boogie, Elijah Collins has teamed up with Glaswegian Disco double-act Slow It Down for this brand new single, or double A-side more like. Alright and I Don’t Need are two huge chunks of retro Disco featuring some particularly groove laden synths.

Alright isn’t really Slow It Down & Elijah Collins’ tune, it’s actually quite a light edit of NV’s classic ‘Alright’ from 1983, but that doesn’t stop it being an Italo tinged Disco beast. The track has a killer synth bassline, it totally dominates the track, aside from snatches of the original’s vocals. Not a lot has been changed from the original, a stronger beat, sections of that pumping bassline stretched out, but generally it’s a slick, dancefloor oriented extended mix of the track. On the B-side, Cherelle’s 1989 hit Affair gets a similarly breezy editing for I Don’t Need. With most of the original intact but that heavy bassline drawn out into extended bridge sections and some occasional filtering. It’s a dancefloor monster to be sure. this is how to do Disco edits right, people take note. It’s a little odd that they are being sold as originals, but that doesn’t detract from some huge Electro Bogie on offer.

♫ Slow It Down & Elijah Collins – Alright

♫ Slow It Down & Elijah Collins – I Don’t Need

Slow It Down & Elijah Collins Alright EP is released 5th November as a Juno exclusive with an October 12” release preceding it.

Check out more from Slow It Down & Elijah Collins on SoundCloud.

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