Strangers reMix Kimbra


I think New Zeland songstress Kimbra’s appearances on electronic rumors come along like busses. Just before she broke we featured her tracks and reMixes quite a lot, then there was a period of quite here, but now with some good mixes coming along all at once, the last being Aeroplane’s mix of Two Way Street, she’s becoming a staple feature again. Next up is this mix of Posse from London’s SynthPop finest, Strangers.

Pulsating electronics abound in Strangers’ mix of Posse. Underpinned by a deep throbbing bass, Strangers drop Cabaret Voltaire style Dubby stabs and Industrial noise on the track, providing an enigmatic electronic backing for Kimbra’s husky vocal. If your out and about in London on the 15th November, you can catch Strangers live headlining an amazing night of deep SynthPop, details here.

Kimbra – Posse (Strangers reMix)

Buy Kimbra’s music from:

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