If you like your Electro dark, brooding and totally intoxicating then you are in luck with these début two tunes from London’s Vails. Vails is the new pseudonym of Electro Funkster Sharooz and has already been picked up by A-Track’s Fool’s Gold for release in the near future.

Beaster, arguable the better of the two tracks, is an intense, ominous Electro march. A relentless synthetic pounding accompanied by eerie vocal manipulation and hypnotic lead lines. In short, this is pretty much the soundtrack to the inevitable Robot uprising. Just start into the strobe light. FSK is more of a groovy affair with a powerful bass riff and shuffling drums. Still as gritty and moody as Beaster, FSK adds a little optimism into the mix with a House hook and some hopeful chords. A big change of direction for Sharooz, it’s good to see producers expressing other sides to themselves.

♫ Vails – FSK

♫ Vails – Beaster

Vails’ début is out soon.

Check out more from Vails on SoundCloud.

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