Casio Social Club’s Discokicks


Mullet Records main man Casio Social Club is at it again, giving a fresh Boogie reMix to a dance classic, in this case Pamela Fernandez’ Kickin’ In The Beat. This early ‘90’s piano House monster was ripe for a mix for today’s retro-funkier floors and CSC rises to the challenge with a supreme track.

Discokicks, as the track is now named, was released earlier this month and as a thank you to everyone who legitimately purchased the single, as opposed to pirating it like an asshole, Mullet have dropped the Radio Edit of the track as a freebie. So, if you haven’t already checked it out, treat yourself to four and a half minutes of wicked Disco licks, smooth Boogie basslines and a rising Disco House vibe. Then go buy the reMix package.

Casio Social Club – Discokicks (Radio Edit)

Buy Casio Social Club’s music from:

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